Mounting system for all brands of softboxes, reflectors, flash units and other studio equipment. A must have for every studio!


Every studio has softboxes, beautydishes, flashes and reflectors but where do you leave them when you’re not using them? Often they are on the floor somewhere or (dismantled) in / on a closet and just when you need one, it is nowhere to be found or even worse, it gets damaged or dirty. That’s where we have the solution!

The HENKO mounting system consists of a 125cm or 250cm rail with 2 suspension hooks and a number of (optional) adapters. These adapters are available for the following brands: Hensel, Bowens, Godox, Profoto, Elinchrom and Broncolor. The adapters ensure that softboxes, flashes, beautydish and reflectors can be mounted on the rail. The rail can be mounted both horizontally and vertically.

In addition to adapters for the light shapers, there is also an adapter to hang flash units on this system so that they too are safely and neatly tidy.


Stap 1 Henko systeem





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handmade “made in holland”

The HENKO system is manufactured by hand with the highest precision and with the best materials. As a result, the system has a long life and is particularly durable.

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Adapter light shapers

The adapters you use to mount the softbox, beautydish and/or reflector to the mountain system are made of high-quality plastic. Adapters can be used both horizontally and vertically.

Rail system

Constructed of 15mm high-quality plywood with an aluminum rail on both sides where the adapters guide. Equipped with 2 suspension hooks making it simple to attach to the wall.

Adapter flash units

With this adapter you mount your flash unit to the suspension system. Consists of a brass spigot mounted on a plastic plate which slides into the rail. Suitable for all types and brands of flash units.

Metal stopper

These stoppers prevent the adapters from falling out of the rail and also ensure that, if the rail is placed vertically, the adapters can be adjusted to the correct height.

Where to buy ?

The complete HENKO system can be ordered from our partner: The system is available in two lengths and various adapters for different brands.

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